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Our Operations

Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses utilizes traditional greenhouses but are moving quickly to incorporate green and energy saving technology. 

Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses


Carolyn Lohr and Valerie Miller, U of A Agriculture Horticulture majors with many years of directly related experience, are proud to announce the re-establishment of Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses at the Olds, AB location. Originally established in 1982 by Carolyn and Beatrice Lohr at Stettler, AB, the greenhouse successfully produced and sold quality bedding plants for 18 years before closing due to Bea's health. 

Carolyn and Wayne and family relocated to Olds, AB from Vancouver Island in 2004. In 2013 we purchased a 30' by 96'greenhouse at an auction and relocated it to our farm west of Olds. A second identical house was purchased in 2014 and was completed and operational for the 2017 season. For 2019, a third greenhouse was added. This house is a 30' by 96' Westbrook house. Over 400 hanging baskets are housed in this house as well as the usual mix of planters, custom and commercial plantings. For 2020, an additional 72' x 120' Westbrook gutter connect house with bow sides was added. For 2022 we added an additional 4,032 square feet of greenhouse space. This will bring our total greenhouse space to 21,312 square feet. In addition, we will be increasing our bench space by consolidating existing water storage and pressure systems into a new mechanical room which will house all of the farm and greenhouse well pressure systems as well as 12,000 gallons of storage capacity to collect and utilize the rainwater from the gutter connect greenhouses roof area. 

Valerie Miller (Lohr) and husband Bill relocated to Olds from Calgary and has joined Carolyn in the greenhouse venture which is truly a family operation - sister Marilyn, husbands and significant others and of course the greenhouse cat Bebop.

Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses grows a diverse selection of the bedding plant favorites as well as those hard to find and unique flowers, vegetables and herbs in a broad selection of paks, pots, hanging baskets and planters.



The production of plants in a controlled environment is fundamentally a process of converting light, water, and nutrients into the salable plants – whether for decorative or edible plants. The objective is to convert these inputs into produce as effectively and efficiently as possible.

By combining the science and production efficiencies of the technology involved in the production system with our personal knowledge and experience, Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses will provide produce that is and will be desired by the targeted discerning consumers. Offering exceptional, knowledgeable, informative, and educational customer service has proven and will continue to result in a loyal repeat customer base that places value on quality and service over the lowest price. It is the continuous combination and provision of all these elements that brings the winning results at the root of Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouse’s competitive strength and advantage.

Being avid supporters of the 'buy local' movement, the greenhouse team understands the importance for families, just like their own, to know where their plants are coming from.

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